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1. Do I need to book an appointment at The Booty Salon?

2. Do you offer after hours appointments? Do you cater for the working woman or man?

3. Do you accept credit cards?

4. What hair products do you use at The Booty Salon?

5. What beauty products do you use at The Booty Salon?

6. Does The Booty Salon sell gift vouchers?

7. Does The Booty Salon offer a loyalty programme or returning rewards?

8. Does The Booty Salon offer bridal makeovers, makeup and hairdressing services? What about hair and beauty services for special occasions and events?

9. Can I come in for a hair consultation only?

10. How often do I need to get my hair cut?

11. Is there a difference between store brands and professional hair products?

12. Are your professional hair products for retail sales as well?

13. What is the difference between a razor cut and a scissor cut?

14. What is the difference between cap highlights and foiling or foil highlights?

15. Does highlighting and colouring damage my hair?

16. What is the difference between �box�hair colour bought in a store and professional hair colour?

17. What can I do if I am allergic or reactive to hair colour products?

18. How do you remember what hair colour was used the last time I came here?

19. My hair looks great when I leave the salon. Why can�t I get it to look the same at home?

20. The following are questions we are commonly asked and which we address at your consultation and professional hair service. Your stylist at The Booty Salon is happy to oblige you with techniques and products that will assist you in all of the following commonly asked hairstyling questions and dilemmas:

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